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The amount of grooved and openings can differ from the 3D presentation.

The real dimension of the brake discs is a technical drawing.

The difference closely is connected with the construction of the disc (of cast-


Arranging grooved, openings is main indicators dependent on the dimension of

the disc, construction, the endurance, the effectiveness of the inhibition and

the permanence.

Wiping grooved on disc tuning it is a signal of the minimum thickness of the

disc and their exchange is being recommended.

ATM drilled and grooved tuning brake discs have been designed for aggressive,

sporting street driving style.

This top quality replacement successfully replaces most other products.

It stands out from crowd with some important features like durability and

braking effectiveness.

Easiness of installation may be even surprising. However this results of simple

fact that you can replace any brake discs with these ones without need of any


All tuning brake disks fit standard brake calipers.

Drilled and grooved brake discs prove their effectiveness when braking way is

very long or in dangerous driving situations, on highways and motorways. They

also work perfectly well in mountains when hauled trailers are not equipped

with brake.

The components used for manufacturing of ATM brake discs and drums are

selected in German EIRICH steelworks laboratory that participates in the disk

production process. The brake discs are manufactured from the single piece of


Cast iron composition is selected with an eye on future tuning applications.

Manufacturing takes place in modern ATM brake discs foundry equipped with

modern ABB furnaces.

ATM Mikoda company has been operating since 1981. Experience gained

through the years established their credibility thus making ATM a reliable

enough partner to the biggest European manufacturers and support them as


ATM brake discs present yet another feature of cutting the heated surface of

brake pad what

prevents glazing. More to this the grooves help sending dust, dirt and gases off

the disc.

Drilled openings and grooves help eliminating the effect of fading. This

phenomenon appears during friction between brake pad and a disc and

composites the brake pads are made of are being released.

These gases dramatically decrease of strength pads are pressed to disc so is

decreased the braking effectiveness.

This problem is often reported with normal brake discs.

In case of drilled and grooved ATM tuning brake discs the problem has been

finally eliminated.

These hot gases are pushed through the drilled openings and also removed

through the grooves.

Together with the gases the dust from brake discs is also removed through the


This results with improved effectiveness of the disk brake thus with shorter

braking route what is extremely important in dangerous situations. Fading

effect is eliminated.

Another important feature of ATM is the layer of heat resistant paint. Such

layer protects disc brakes against rust. The problem of rust if often reported

with discs that are not protected in this way. This protection is effective

throughout the whole life cycle of the brake discs and drums. It is worth noting

that colour coated elements of braking system make the wheel looking really

good. The visual effect is even stronger when the car is equipped with alloy


ATM products feature perfect balance between quality and price in our shop.

We are the direct importer of ATM disc brakes and drums.


-Drilled & Grooved Brake Disc - RED ,YELLOW, BLACK

-Coloured  Brake Disc - RED, YELLOW, BLACK

-Standard Brake Discs

-Standard Brake Drum - RED, YELLOW, BLACK

Notice 1

All ATM MIKODA discs and drums are offered with sets of brake pads and shoes


On the market many well-known braking pads factories are functional even

about sports character, ceramic, whether tuning, but they weren’t tested

with the brake disc ATM Mikoda.

On the market many well-known braking pads factories are functional even

about sports character, ceramic, whether tuning, but they weren’t tested

with the brake disc ATM Mikoda.

Pads and shoes recommended by other sellers won’t give satisfactory results,

they even may cause damage of the brake disc. Our shop will always be testing

all new pads before sale, after satisfactory tests will be offered for sale.

Notice 2

Discharging pollen of logs is a normal phenomenon appearing in the route of

detrition of pads , it won't be possible to eliminate it.

For that purpose it is worthwhile taking special preparations of the

nanotechnology which will help to deal with this problem.


There could be many various types of parts (brake discs, pads and drums,

shoes) installed in some cars. To avoid mistakes and returns, before submitting

the order we recommend you find details regarding specific parts installed in

your car. In case of doubt we suggest you ask your mechanic for advice. Such

details would enable us to deliver you the right part for your car. In case of any

doubt please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Individual customer

Brake discs, pads and drums, shoes replacement - better to have it done by


YouTube is full of clips showing how to remove and install brake discs, pads and

brake drums, shoes.

We recommend you have your trusted workshop replace your brake discs, pads

or brake drums, shoes. It is of utmost importance to remember that brake

system parts are one of most important safety systems in your car.

Failure in its proper functioning or faulty operation may affect lives of drives,

passengers and other traffic participants. We hereby refuse to accept any

responsibility for any damages that may occur during installation of brake discs

on your own.

It is very probable the mechanic in your trusted workshop would provide you

with essential information on operation of your vehicle after the brake discs,

pads are replaced.

It is worth to remember however that during the running in period for brake

discs, pads i.e. first 300 to 700 km after replacement it is recommended to

avoid sudden and sharp braking (except emergency situations).

We are continuously expanding our offer. When you will be enjoying your new

set of brake discs we shall be still working on adding new items to our range.

We encourage you to make us of our automotive parts shop – we hope to

become your supplier and business partner. We specialise in products

dedicated to demanding customers who value quality at reasonable price.

If You cannot find what are you looking for in our offer, please do not hesitate

to contacts us on:

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