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it comes to select a product to be found in the following sites.

Master-Sport standard brake pads are top quality replacement that

successfully replaces most other products.

The real dimension of the brake pads is a technical drawing.

It stands out from crowd with some important features like durability and

braking effectiveness.

All standard brake pads fit standard brake calipers.

Long life of brake pads allows you to reduce the amount of visits in the

workshop related to their

exchange. Recommended lifetime of brake pads Master-Sport is about


All brake pads are equipped with standard anti-vibration shim. This type of

solution partially prevents squeaking brake pads.

It is worth noting that colour coated elements of braking system make the

wheel looking really good. The visual effect is even stronger when the car is

equipped with alloy rims.

Master-Sport products feature perfect balance between quality and price in

our shop.

We are the direct importer of Master-Sport brake pads and shoes.


• We provide car parts directly to manufacturer assembly lines as an OEM.

• We have our own R&D facilities, as well as internal lab.

• We deal with improving the existing technical and technological

solutions applied in the market, in cooperation with a group of

leading experts on automotive industry and recognised

laboratories such as Delphi and Bosmal.

• All Master-Sport products are made to meet the highest quality

standards, confirmed with necessary certificates, such as the German TUV


There could be many various types of parts (brake pads, discs and shoes,

drums) installed in some cars.

To avoid mistakes and returns, before submitting the order we recommend you

find details regarding specific parts installed in your car. In case of doubt we

suggest you ask your mechanic for advice.

Such details would enable us to deliver you the right part for your car. In case

of any doubt please do not hesitate to contact us on:

0873312188 or 0851025798

Individual customer

Brake pads, shoes, discs and drums replacement - better to have it done by


YouTube is full of clips showing how to remove and install brake pads, shoes,

discs and drums .

We recommend you have your trusted workshop replace your brake shoes,

discs and drums . It is most important to remember that brake system parts

are one of the most important safety systems in your car.

Failure in its proper functioning or faulty operation may affect lives of drives,

passengers and other traffic participants.

We hereby refuse to accept any responsibility for any damages that may occur

during installation of brake pads on your own.

It is very probable the mechanic in your trusted workshop would provide you

with essential information on operation of your vehicle after the brake pads,

discs, shoes, drums are replaced. It is worth to remember however that during

the running in period for brake pads, discs, shoes, drums i.e. first 300 to 700

km after replacement it is recommended to avoid sudden and sharp braking

(except emergency situations).

We are continuously expanding our offer. When you will be enjoying your new

set of brake discs we shall be still working on adding new items to our range.

We encourage you to make us of our automotive parts shop – we hope to

become your supplier and business partner. We specialise in products

dedicated to demanding customers who value quality at reasonable price.

If You cannot find what are you looking for in our offer, please do not hesitate

to contacts us on:

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0873312188 or 0851025798

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